Brown Industries Introduced a New Car Mover / Material Handler at Railway Interchange Show

LAWRENCE, Kan. (September 26, 2017) – At the 2017 Railway Interchange trade show, Brown Industries introduced a new Car Mover / Material Handler that allows operators to work more efficiently when conducting track maintenance.

“Our new Car Mover / Material Handler brings several unique advantages to the marketplace,” said Director of Rail Equipment Sales, Stuart Seeger.

Car Mover/Material Handler from Brown Industries
Rail operators can work smarter, not harder, with the new Car Mover/Material Handler from Brown Industries

“First, it easily pulls up to four loaded rail cars and still functions as a material handler. From a safety perspective, the suspension on the rail gear stays engaged to the track the entire time–no derailing. The truck also includes a train knuckle with double articulation to keep cars properly aligned.”

“For a single man crew, the truck can be optioned with our hydrostatic drive and wireless remote control. The remote has a 4.3” video screen that allows the operator to position the truck without physically being in the cab,” said Seeger.

Fleets of all sizes will appreciate the reduced time it takes to charge rail car air brakes. For example, several railroads require a 15-minute wait per car. The Brown Car Mover / Material Handler has an air brake system with digital air flow meter that notifies the operator when the charge is fully complete, greatly reducing unproductive down time.

“Response to the Car Mover / Material Handler has been strong,” said President Dane Jennison. “This new product adds greater breadth and depth to our growing portfolio of rail solutions.”

About Brown Industries

Since 1946, Brown Industries has helped companies move cargo from location to location by manufacturing quality-built van bodies, curtainsides, and flatbeds. More recently, Brown has grown their portfolio of customized vehicle solutions to include trolleys and rail vehicles. Headquartered in Lawrence, KS, Brown Industries is part of B12 Transportation Group of Kansas City, MO. To learn more, visit

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