Durable, Dependable, Flexible.

Curtainside trucks should be as strong as they are flexible. Like all Brown vehicles, our curtainside trucks are built with a full 12" extruded aluminum front radius and recessed LED lights, domestic laminated oak hardwood floors, and stainless steel rear frames.

From the wide variety of side support post systems available to the ratcheting front and rear curtain tensioners, you can feel confident knowing your truck is built to handle a lifetime of heavy use.

Curtainside Ratchet

Curtainside Ratchet

Trucks That Can Take It.

The world doesn’t come packaged in convenient, easy-to carry boxes. Brown curtainside truck bodies can make hauling the awkward, the heavy and the oversized easy. From lumber and piping to heating materials, windows and doors, if you need it, Brown curtainside trucks can take it.

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