This Truck Never Stops Working.

Brown’s plumber’s body trucks will strengthen both the appearance and performance of your business. Not only do Brown’s custom truck bodies provide a perfect advertising opportunity for your company, they also protect your equipment, help you stay organized, reduce travel time between jobs, and decrease insurance costs.

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Plumber's Truck

Plumber's Truck

Stay Organized, Stay Profitable.

Every Brown plumber’s body truck is built with your requirements firmly in mind. Our plumber’s body trucks are built with the standard features you’ve come to expect from Brown, and with the addition of optional extras, your truck can help you work better and faster:

  • Custom shelving built to your specifications
  • Interior work lights, power inverters, heating and air conditioning for more comfortable working conditions
  • Exterior work lights, tool boxes, and lower body skirting for improved efficiency
  • Liftgates for easy cargo offloading
  • Custom cabinets, countertops, and workbenches
  • Sliding door from cab to cargo for increased accessibility
  • E-Track and F-Track cargo securing systems