Brown Industries - Car Mover


Pull mulitple loaded cars with ease

Brown’s newest rail vehicle combines the benefits of a Car Mover with those of a Grapple Truck. This new “hybrid” Car Mover generates 20,000+ lbs tractive effort with ease. Other features include:

  • Continental Rail Gear
  • Brown Rail Hydrostatic Remote Drive System
  • Hydraulic Tool Circuit
  • Brown Rail Custom Material Handling Body
  • Moley Magnetics ESB32 Magnet System
  • 2018 Western Star 4900SB
  • Brown Rail Train Knuckle & Train Air
Car Mover

Car Mover


The Brown Car Mover is one of the most versatile rail trucks allowing you to move rail cars one day, then conduct track maintenance the next. This versatility reates superior value allowing your fleet to do more work with less vehicles


Unlike competitive solutions that require outriggers to be fully deployed, Brown outriggers can be deployed independently from each other to avoid obstalces and adapt to the terrain.

Car Mover