Rail Testing Trucks

Brown’s custom-engineered Rail Testing Trucks give you the room you need to work and the precision and durability you require to get the job done right, every time. You and your crew can will have the space and equipment to analyze test results in real time. Other features include:

  • Spacious, comfortable, up-to-date operator stations
  • Diesel generators
  • FRP or sheet post construction
  • Lift gates
  • A/C systems

Durable materials, innovative design and an attention to detail: not only does Brown build it, Brown builds it better.

Rail Testing Truck

Welding Trucks

A Brown-built vehicle is built right: customized, durable, impervious to the elements and made to last. Our engineers will work with you to identify ideal equipment, placement and bodywork to help you do your work well.

When your next weld job takes you into the unknown, you can jump in the cab confident that your truck can handle all you ask of it.

Rail Welding Truck

Custom Crane Trucks

When your needs exceed the norm, Brown’s engineers can build you a crane truck that will handle the rigors of the toughest jobs. Our custom crane trucks can be fitted with booms as short as 7 feet or up to 140 feet long, and a lifting capacity ranging from 500 to 138,000 lbs.

From tight spaces to long reaches, Brown will design the vehicle you need.

Rail Crane Truck