Brown Industries


Experience, Innovation, Longevity, and Quality

Brown Cargo Van has been around since 1946.

During our nearly seventy years of building custom trucks, trailers, rail equipment, and specialty vehicles, we've simply learned how to build a better product at a better price.

Our trucks are top quality in both design and construction. We start by learning about your work habits and we design a truck that incorporates time saving features to help you be as efficient as possible. Then we build that truck with the best quality materials using craftsmanship worthy of the contents you'll be transporting.

Composite Parcel Van

Features That Surpass the Competition

Front Radius

The world’s smallest recessed LED clearance lights plus a sealed wire harness with a return ground wire result in the most damage resistant, reliable clearance / marker lights in the industry.

Heavy duty cast aluminum upper corner caps also offer superior impact resistance. These caps add structural integrity to our front assembly; they don’t just cover the hole. Our caps also overlap all mating surfaces making replacement easy and fast.

Front Radius

Our 12" extruded aluminum front radius is the stiffest, most impact resistant, and most aerodynamic in the industry. Put a Brown van body next to another brand after both have been in service for 5 years and you'll see the advantage an extrusion has over a rolled piece of skin.

Extruded aluminum front corner posts also provide superior impact resistance and a strong structural attachment to the side assemblies for a stiffer, stronger front end.

Rear Frame

Even the best paint job will chip and flake from use and abuse through the rear door opening. That’s why all of our rear frames are stainless steel.

Translucent Roof

Translucent fiberglass roofs improve visibility in the truck box and are designed to withstand years of harsh weather conditions.

Hardwood Flooring

1-1/8” laminated domestic oak flooring is more durable than imported flooring. Furthermore, our domestic oak floor is harvested from sustainable forests and is FSC certified.

Brown Gives You More.

In addition to the features listed above, every Brown Cargo Van is also built with the following features:

  • 5 front vertical stiffeners plus 2 stiffeners integrated into the extruded corner posts provide a rigid front end whether you are heading into the wind or restraining a load from the inside.
  • All Brown Cargo Vans use a consistent 2” rivet pattern on the sides and front for drum tight construction. Our sides and front are manufactured on a state of the art automated machine that punches the holes, feeds the rivets, and sets the rivets in one action.
  • Vehicles that need to withstand severe forklift loading are built with 7 gauge steel reinforcement in the drain threshold bottom plate.
Custom Rail Truck

Brown is Green

Over the years, Brown Cargo Van has made a conscious effort to minimize our impact on the environment.

Nearly all of the materials we use to create our cargo vans and rail equipment are recyclable. From the FSC certified woods used for our flooring and sidewalls, to the 100% recyclable Duraplate® used in our composite vans, rest assured that your truck uses the most environmentally friendly materials available.

We also build our truck bodies on the most advanced and efficient chassis available today. Want a hybrid truck with the best quality, longest lasting, most environmentally friendly body available? How about integrated, high-efficiency LED lights? Cast aluminum corners with extruded top braces that shrug off tree limbs, decrease maintenance costs and boost product life? No problem!

Electric Truck